Sharp pain in my tailbone following a heavy fall

Andrew, UK -

Posted 2017-01-08

I started suffering sharp pain in my tailbone following a heavy fall and sought treatment guidance through the website. After reading some of the testimonials about Doctor Robert Griffiths (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) I decided to book an appointment at their London Wall clinic.

It had been approximately a month since I had fallen on my tailbone and I was experiencing pain when climbing stairs, running and any sharp movements, even to the extent of sneezing. When I visited Rob I was immediately at ease and felt very reassured that the problem could be fixed. Rob is extremely thorough in his explanation of the problem (my coccyx had been slightly displaced and I had a great deal of internal bruising around that area) and his planning of treatment.

After three sessions I am pleased to say I am now completely pain free and am extremely relieved to have the problem fixed and to be able to get back to normal. Rob addressed some other issues with my posture and put together a program of exercises to help prevent future back problems. I cannot recommend Rob highly enough and would advise anyone with coccyx or back problems to book in to see him.

Update, 2018-02-04

I can gladly report that I have had no further issues or problems with my coccyx and no further treatment was needed. I would reiterate that Robert did a fantastic job and that I would recommend him to anyone.

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