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Sofia, Mexico -

Posted 2017-08-20

First I want to thank Jon and this site. I e-mailed lots of you and got an answer from most of you. I was interested in surgeries and results. I found out most of people, like 80 %, had a good outcome from surgery, some stayed the same ... and some had bad results.


My name is Sofia , I live in Mexico, I am 49. My pain started in 2013 without obvious reasons. Pain sitting and lying on my back, also some pain going from sitting to standing; no problems standing or walking, I could even run.


Like most of you, I had a hard time getting a diagnosis and lots of treatments including pain meds, PT and cortizone shots. I ended up visiting Dr. Maigne in Paris last Sept. 2016 (see Doctors and specialists in France).

My x-rays sitting-standing showed two problems according to Maigne.

1) Coccyx very close to surface which made it very easy to impact and damage.

2 ) I had 3 coccyx segments, and when sitting segment 2 and 3 dislocated 40% backwards.

He told me I was a very good candidate for surgery and recommended partial coccygectomy (2/3) . He also gave me a cortizone shot with some relief for 5 months .


Finding a doctor who believed I was in much pain and believed he could help me was pretty hard. I ended with a orthopedic and trauma surgeon who specializes in pelvic surgeries - best choice I ever made.

Getting my insurance ready to pay was a battle though until I had my sit - stand x rays (obviously a problem was there).


Honestly I was very anxious about my op , here is my experience and things I did to help:

- I showered 2 days before and op day with HIBICLENS , to help get my skin get clean and free of infection

- I had two enemas, the night before the op, and early at 5 am operation day ( I showered after)

- I had an epidural, so I was awake during the entire operation.


Saturday post op.

I was back in my room at 11:30 lying in my back . I had a saline drip and a morphine bomb.

I was uncomfortable but not in much pain , I made sure to eat lots of PRUNES. Stay in bed all day, I finally just moved to my side and slept pretty well.

Sunday (day 2) :

Good-bye morphine (I was terrified), but surprising the level of pain was just about the same ..Like an irritation but nothing really bad.

Getting up for the first time, .. could walk slowly to the bathroom .. which I did a lot, I was full of fluids..

Went to the loo for the first time. No laxatives needed. Stayed on my side most of the day. Doctor came and changed the dressing.

Monday (day 3)

Had a shower, doctor changed the dressing ,bye, bye drips! Ready to go home ....

HOME ... ( week one to 5)

Stayed on antibiotics for 9 days, I didn't need pain meds at all! Surprising! I stayed in bed watching TV for 5 weeks, mostly on my sides .. no hip pain , nerve pain and surprising no pain unless I tried to sit down.. I could lie on my back for short periods of time since day one.

By week two, I could sit leaning forward to eat.

I kept changing my dressing for 10 days and after that my doctor told me to put HONEY on my wound for the night ...( he said is a good natural antibiotic ). I followed instructions and had no infection ...I also used wipe tissues to help get it clean and an antiseptic spray.


The wound had a strange behavior.

It kept opening in small parts until nearly week 4 when it fully closed. So don't worry that much if it looks closed and opens a bit, just keep it clean.


I can lie on my back for as long as I want, it still feels a small irritation but sooo much better.

I went out to dinner two days ago. I could sit pretty comfy for the whole dinner ...

Went to the beach yesterday, an hour ride ... I could sit for the whole ride, still have pain but so much different than bone pain and so much more comfortable. I could lie on the sun lounges totally pain free (amazing).

I am sooo glad I took the risk ... I had no infection , no bad post - op pain and I can almost have a normal life already! I am sure I will improve more but I am already better and happy.

I will update later, any questions happy to help, just like lots of you helped me I will be happy to help.




Posted 2018-11-04

I just want to update, since this site helped a lot in my journey through coccyx pain -operation -recovery. Hope I can help some one else with my story.

My English seems to have been removed from my self along with my coccyx, so I hope I can explain myself. Here is my update: 15 months post op.

Operation has been a life saver. I feel just great, some days if I sit and recline in a hard chair I can get some soreness in my left side but is really nothing and goes away by changing positions. My last incredible achievement was: I went biking last week (amazing). I did just great, no pain, some tense in the area but I enjoyed it like riding in heaven.

Some slight soreness two next days and gone again.

I can feel a really small spot in my left side that still complains in some sits but everyday is less.

So, in my particular case, operation was the best thing for me. My coccyx cushion is now living in my closet (where I sure hope stays forever).

Except for that small spot in my left side (I think is scar tissue), I have NO other issues post - op. . coccyx pain is gone for sure. I will probably in the future take some PT for my "spot". .. it doesn't bother enough to go to PT I guess... since I just live very happy with it and haven't take the time to take care of it.

I considered myself lucky, but let me tell to all the future patients that recovery is slowwwwww and you most take it easy. Not sitting for 6 weeks and build it up slowly. You will hear incredible stories from people that recovers very quickly in 3 weeks etc. I do believe them, but average recovery is much, much longer than that ( over a year ). You would be able to do many things soon, but pain will stay for a while when sitting and it will go slowly.

In my case I think I will always have a reminder that something happened there, like a "war wound". Which means very long sittings (6 hours or more) or some chairs can still give some little pinching that reminds me "Hey, something went wrong down there in the past ". I don't care, I feel amazing. ..I can do so many thing I stopped doing for almost 4 years and I don't think in my coccyx any more before sitting, I don't even choose the seat anymore, I can take any kind in a restaurant and be just fine.

Any doubts, always here. Saludos desde Mexico....

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