I found relief!

Anonymous, USA

Posted 2017-10-29

Coccyx.org was a great resource for me when I had coccyx pain for over 1.5 years. I would like to share my story and in particular, how I found relief, in the hope that I can help others. I was told I broke my tailbone after a snowboarding incident in 2003 where I also broke my wrist. My tailbone healed pretty well, though it was definitely off-center, and after a couple of years I could fly on a plane or watch a movie without needing a pillow.

For some reason, after my 2nd child was born in 2015, my coccyx started really acting up. I tried using pillows and staying off of it, like I had done when I originally broke it, but nothing helped. I went to my GP and she recommended physical therapy. I went to the place she recommended and they clearly had no experience dealing with tailbone pain. It cost over $100, I never went back, and I was frustrated.

I went to my husband's GP about a year later and he recommended pain medication and PT. I refused the PT based on my first experience, and the pain medication did nothing. Finally, after spending sleepless nights on the internet looking for information, I read about chiropractors who do manipulation. I tried moving my tailbone myself and I felt like it helped. That lead me to finding Paula Leonti at Women's Advantage in Torrance (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California). She is a PT who specializes in tailbone pain.

I will be honest, it was pretty intimate, but I was desperate for relief. She said my tailbone was "stuck" and she spent time trying to move back in place. After the first treatment I felt immediate results. I remember getting to the point where I was 90% better and thought I could live like that if I had to. I kept going and now I am 99.99% pain free. Sometimes when I sit on a couch for too long I will feel an ache, but it doesn't persist. I am now able to do any activity, including sliding down a waterslide with my kids, watching a movie, lying in a recliner, going to the dentist, etc. all without pain.

Posted 2019-02-17

Iím happy to say that I am still 99% pain free. I am still able to do things such as go down a slide with my kids and sit at a desk for work. I have not had to return to the PT for any adjustments. On occasion, if I am sitting on a hard chair with my feet up, I will feel a little soreness but as soon as I adjust how Iím sitting then I am pain free.

I feel so lucky to have made it to this point and hope others can find some relief like I did.

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