I am now able to do my daily work

Ritu Jain, India - ritu.jain23@icloud.com

Posted 2017-05-21

I had a severe back problem in my D1, D2 and tail bone area. Due to the pain I was not even able to move properly but after meeting Dr. Sayeeda Mubashira (see Doctors and specialists in India) I got little bit of relief and within few weeks the pain subsided. I am not 100% cured but because of her miraculous exercises now I am able to do my daily work. Doing the exercises taught by Dr. Sayeeda is a part of my daily schedule as it strengthens my tail bone and my back.

Last but not the least I am really happy because I am not taking any medicines thus I am not dependent on them, which is really a nice thing because medicines do have side effects. In conclusion I would really refer patients with back problem or tail bone problem to Dr. Sayeeda as she is not only experienced but also very kind and gentle with her patients.

Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after this story was posted, to ask for an update, as the long-term outcome of treatment is of great interest. In this case I did not get a reply.

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