It started during pregnancy

Kate, South Wirral, UK -

Posted 2017-01-15

My coccydynia began when I was about 6 months pregnant with my first daughter in 2010, at the age of 40, sitting in the back of my mums car on a visit to family in Llandudno. I remember the pain quite vividly.

My 10 lb 8 oz baby was delivered by cesarean section (due to other pregnancy related issues) and I thought the pain might then improve, however it didn't. My pain was on sitting, trying to stand up was excruciating. I suffered for a few months then saw my GP. She was flummoxed but referred me to see a spinal consultant, Mr Braithwaite, in Chester.

Xrays and the consultation resulted in my diagnosis, and huge relief just knowing that it was a recognised condition that could be treated. I had a manipulation under anaesthetic and a cortisone injection in late 2010. After a few days the pain disappeared completely.

The condition recurred again during my second pregnancy in 2012. This time I knew what to expect, saw my GP immediately and was prescribed Naproxen with some effect. As Mr Braithwaite had retired, she referred me to the nearest spinal consultant which was in Liverpool. No manipulation this time, instead a CT guided cortisone injection in June 2013 with excellent effect until January 2017, when a faulty chair tipped me on to the floor on my bum and here I go again. The pain wasn't too bad for a few days but is now after a week it's horrendous again. Visit to the GP today and referral done and a prescription for cocodamol.

I hate it. I have to lie down on the sofa or bed rather than sit for relief, and I can't do that in work. I'm a nurse. Bending to pick up the children's toys, walking any distance... It all hurts so much.

Here's hoping that I don't have to wait too long for another dose of cortisone.

Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after this story was posted, to ask for an update, as the long-term outcome of treatment is of great interest. In this case I did not get a reply.

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