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Lesley, Scotland, UK - lesley@the-mckenzies.com

Posted 2017-11-12

I bruised my coccyx back in 2010/11 and after a few weeks the pain went away. This may have weakened my coccyx...

Fast forward to May/June 2014 and I went to the doctors for one ailment and came out with another, a dislocated coccyx. Just a warning to people who may have stomach/bowel/colon problems and require examinations. In hospitals they are used to using the equipment daily but in doctors' surgeries not so and I guess I was just unlucky. I did go back to the doctor, saw a different one who actually told me I had nothing wrong with me. I was upset/couldn't sit/intense pain at the time. It was the lovely colorectal surgeon that told me what was wrong with me the next wk. I also am not good with medicine so ice helped. It was the only medicine I had.

I was lucky that at the time I was on private health care. I went to see a spine consultant who said he could remove my coccyx but I was too skinny so he wouldn't do it as I'd just end up damaging other bones. A bit of time had passed and I wasn't in so much pain. I'd read enough to know that I'd not like to do that anyways as some people it hadn't worked for. He was going to put me under anaesthetic and try and manipulate it while giving me a cortisone injection. I'd read enough about the injection to know not to go there and as I wasn't in as much pain thought I'd just leave. As a couple more months went on it wasn't so bad although I couldn't sit properly.

I foolishly in January 2015 started to do a bit of cycling! No cycling people! What was I thinking??? That was it, this time it went. Lots more research and I'd tried some people in Scotland but the treatments didn't work and I was a bit scared someone would make it worse if they didn't know what to do. Then I found Jon's site and read the UK ones and Michael Durtnall kept popping up and how he'd changed everyone's lives (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

Anyways in October 2015 I booked in to see Michael for 3 days treatment. I got on the train with 2 family members and 6 plus hours later arrived in London. I was so uptight and upset. Like I'm sure everyone on here it's such a big deal! Michael was a real gem! Straight to the point but very kind and caring! Interested in not only your back problem but you as a person and your whole well being. It was an intense 3 days and he also booked me in with Sofia (physiotherapist) and Ben (osteopath) who are fantastic too! Like family! Anyways I had accomplished in 3 days what some people take 6 weeks to gain. Both Michael and I were very happy - 'Magic Michael'!

I returned in February 2016 for another couple of days of treatment. I would say that I'm 80-90 per cent better. There are times that I can feel my coccyx getting tugged/pulled at women's times. I do go to bed with a rolled up duvet so that my legs stay bent and in a good position and have a pillow beside my bed to put between my knees when sleeping on my side. It helps. I have a cushion but I usually sit using proper posture as if I don't I can feel my back not right. I walk miles in a day! I enjoy walking up hills and this helps. I've always walked so I'm not losing out!

A huge thank you to Jon for the site and sharing his story and words of wisdom. A huge thank you to everyone who has shared their stories as I wouldn't have found Michael. I'm also very thankful that I've been fortunate to have the finances to get better. I count myself very lucky. There should be more therapies like this but with the experience of Michael that anyone can afford.

Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after this story was posted, to ask for an update, as the long-term outcome of treatment is of great interest. In this case I did not get a reply.

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