My broken tailbone - and the journey to London

Cora, Germany -

Posted 2017-06-04

I suffered from coccydynia since the birth of my second daughter in December 2015. She was sunny side up and a very fast birth (40 minutes, yeah). The pain was terrible, I was lying on the back (the midwives told me to stand up, but the little baby was too deep down). Two hours after the delivery I started to feel this strange pain on my bottom. And then I realized: I couldn't sit or stand or walk or lie down without pain.

The doctors and the midwives in the clinic told me to wait; it could be the episiotomy or so.

But the pain was every day more worse. An Osteopath tried to correct it, but it was only slightly better.

Six weeks after the birth I visited a orthopedist. He told me that there was nothing and it would be all in my head. In my head or not: the pain was still terrible.

Weeks later I visited another Orthopedist: An X-Ray showed that the tailbone was like an L into the body. And an MRI showed that it was broken. The second Orthopedist was nice, but he said, it is likely that I will suffer all my life with these chronic pain and therefore I should learn to deal with it. Only time could help. So I gave it time… and time… and time. Did I mention: Time?

But after a year of terrible pain I was at a loose end and almost in a deep depression.

Thanks for I knew that there was hope and there were places I could find the real healing. (I did not want painkiller-injections or a cutting of the tailbone - but I understand anyone who would want to try this, only to be painfree…)

After a short E-Mail-contact with Michael Durtnall from Sayer Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I visited him. (Although it sounds quite crazy to travel for a not-really-rich woman from Germany to a private clinic in England…)

What can I say: he was very nice, very competent - and spoke quite frankly, that I have to start moving. For my tailbone and for my crappy posture. He was right, of course.

My tailbone was stiff and crooked to the right. That explained, why the pain was only on the right side of my body…

My first visit was in February 2017: I was four days in London and he treated me every day internal. It's not the nicest feeling, but it was ok and he was very relaxed and made it less awkward. My husband was in some appointments with me, but this was also ok for everybody. I guess circa two week after the visit I was feeling less pain, maybe 20 to 40 percent better.

My second visit was in March 2017: Again stayed for several days and appointments, now also with other stuff from the clinic. And again: The pain was going less and less, after I was some days back in Germany (70-80%)

Since April I work on a desk, which height is adjustable. That helped too. Now in May 2017 I would say, that I'm on some days almost painfree (mostly sunny, warm days). On rainy or very stressful days on the other hand I'm feeling every move (or not move) of the tailbone. But the better days are in the excess.

My advice to everybody with Tailbone-Problems: Don't think too much about money and journey: Go to London and find there the right help! You have only one life, but chronic pain makes that miserable and that is terrible for everybody.

I plan to visit Michael again, maybe in July, when I have some free days at work (I'm working fulltime, my husband too and we have two little kids to look after).

And I will write here again, to let you know, how it is going on with my tailbone.

Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after this story was posted, to ask for an update, as the long-term outcome of treatment is of great interest. In this case I did not get a reply.

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