Debilitating pain after hysterectomy

Anonymous, USA -

Posted 2017-08-27

After having a hysterectomy with accidental nerve damage to my iliopsoas and femoral nerves 2 years ago, I developed SEVERE low back, pelvic, buttock, hip, groin, neck, sacrum, and coccyx pain. I can't sit, stand, or walk long, and I developed Iliopsoas and Piriformis syndromes. I find it difficult to stand upright and walking does not come naturally to me anymore. Driving and flying are excruciating, and I have tried every single coccyx cushion, to no avail.

Unfortunately, I cannot work, am in constant pain, lying on my stomach is the best relief, and I have become extremely discouraged and depressed that no medical doctor in Orange Country, CA (where I live) can or wants to truly help me. I was abandoned by Kaiser for legal reasons, who performed my hysterectomy, and no other pain management or other doctor is willing to help me other than giving me nerve and antispasmodic medication and conservative treatment, which have not worked. I am shocked that these doctors have no clue what pelvic or coccyx pain is. I never had any of this pain before my surgery. I have already spent over $50,000 with my PPO insurance trying to get pain management and help, but to no avail. I am going broke, and my life is over.

I'm writing this to warn anyone in Orange County, CA, not to waste money on doctors who say they can help and then don't. After paying my copays and office visits and getting my hopes up, I have been denied treatment, told it's all in my head, denied disability, been accused of drug seeking, refused any type of real imaging such as MRIs, CT scans, dynamic sit down coccyx x-rays, and have been denied an epidural, nerve blocks, adhesive or scar tissue surgery, or anything more invasive to try to fix my pain and coccyx.

I am beside myself and because I wasn't treated, I now have a full-blown pain syndrome with trigger points all over my body like Fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, along with my low back, pelvic pain, SI joint and coccyx pain, all from an elective total hysterectomy.

LADIES, if you absolutely don't need a hysterectomy, please reconsider! The Gynecologists will NEVER tell you what really can happen to you with all the horrible complications and chronic pain afterwards. It's their dirty little secret. There are so many nerves, ligaments, and tendons down there that are cut, as well as the muscle that connects the coccyx, which can be damaged or go into spasm. The pelvis can become tilted forward and hypermobile. Surgical scar tissue and adhesions can also develop and cause severe pain, not to mention the loss of hormones, which can lead to bone loss, pain, and severe fatigue. There is no replacement for our natural hormones. This changed my life forever!

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