I bounced from doctor to doctor, I was so desperate

Andrea, Italy - somand@gmail.com

Posted 2017-03-26

I am a 28 years old Italian guy.

Seven years ago, in 2010 I started to feel a burning pain and discomfort when sitting. At first it was only after a couple of hours, then as the time passed I kept getting it sooner ad sooner until I was no more being able to sit without constant distress.

I went to my family doctor who diagnosed me with hemorrhoids and prescribed me some medication. As month passed my mood and my life condition worsened. I was studying Information Technology at the university and so I had to sit down for most of the day and all my hobbies required to sit.

In hindsight I was sitting near 16 hours a day and that maybe worsened or created the problem in the first place, so it was very distressing for me.

At first I couldn't videogame or watch TV on my computer. Then I could not study or work anymore. I stopped taking classes and started to "live" on the couch where standing on the back I could have some relief. I was deeply sad. Pain was quite constant, and I felt some relief only when I laid in bed.

I bounced from doctor to doctor searching for hemorrhoids who weren't anywhere to find and finally one of them instead of telling me "put on this, you will be fine in a couple of weeks!" told me "Maybe is something skin related?"

So I started again to bounce from dermatologist to dermatologist and I kept listening to the same sentence "put on this, you will be fine in a couple of weeks!".

I managed to graduate in 2014 and I was very happy, but I was, and still I am, unemployed. Because no one could understand why I had to work standing up, and I could not explain them not having a diagnosis. I switched from being an IT Guy to being an IT teacher in 2010, the only thing I could do with my knowledge staying up all day but I never managed to switch it to a full-fledged job. Even now I find working at my standing desk. I have no problem moving and walking all day, I can march for km at a time, but standing or sitting for long periods of time is still troublesome to me.

I was so desperate. I started to have discomfort on the left hip and could not understand why. Then my family doctor was on vacation and I got received by another doctor. She said to me: "Well, if you have pain in the coccyx, maybe is the coccyx the problem." Finally I had a pointer. I had an x-ray and a MRI and with them I started bouncing once again from doctor to doctor. No one wanted to remove my coccyx, some said to me that it was not a big deal and that sooner or later it would have gone away by its own, but the majority treated me superficially and said the usual, now hatred sentence. "Do this, that and take this, then in a couple of weeks you will be fine!". I took Hyaluronic acid, massage sessions, physiotherapy, osteopathy, gym sessions, pilates classes, laser treatment, and took various and discordant uneducated opinions who made my condition worse and worse.

In August of 2016 after I spent so much money on useless or downright bad therapies and after I got f***ed quite bad by a chiropractor I decided to go to the Sayer clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). Because I was really at the end of my rope. I should have done it so earlier. But going abroad to seek help was so strange to me at the moment.

What can I say. It was a big leap. I went with my brother for a week of treatment in September. It was expensive and a bit uneasy, but it was well worth it.

I met Dr. Michael Durtnall who really gave me back hope. He did me x-rays and explained me that the diagnosis on my past x-rays and MRI was downright false and I got the standard diagnosis when the MRI or the x-rays showed nothing due to incompetence of the operator. Oh god the rage. Michael gave me a new diagnosis and proceeded to reassure me and taught me how to have a better posture and resolve my issue. On the first day I had the initial consultation, then I got treated on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I also had physiotherapy and massage treatment. The massages were done by Olga and the physiotherapy by Sofia. Both are very proficient and competent and it was a pleasure meeting with them.

After a week passed I got home and was really really depressed. I still thought that I could fix my problem right away. I wrote to Michael and he reassured me. It's not something that goes away in a couple of weeks and I needed to work hard to make it go away, but assured me that I could aim for a 95% recovery.

I started to lose weight and my mood improved a little bit. I returned a second time in November for two days, where I got treated by Michael, Sofia and Katy. Katy was also very competent and gave me exercises.

I started to be happy and active. The pain was 30-40% gone and I could do more things before being forced to stop due to the pain.

I returned in February for two days and was treated by Katy and Marta.

Sofia, Katy and Marta are very competent and the thing that really amazed me is that as I can understand they tackle the problem from different angles to better resolve it.

My condition improved dramatically from before Sayer Clinic, my journey is not over, but my mood is much better, I have been given hope and the coccyx pain is always there, but way less than before.

I started university again, I am working a part time job and I keep me busy throughout the day. I still have some bad days and a life far from normal, but they are now days, not months. Michael and Sayer clinic really helped me and gave me answers where there were none.

I deeply advise to try Michael if you can or keep changing treatment until you start to improve. Many in Italy assured me a quick and easy cure, took my money and then treated me without knowing what they were doing.

I will post updates as time passes and treatment goes on.

If you have any question feel free to email me at somand@gmail.com

Update, 2018-05-20

I will see Michael again in June. I saw him 5 times now and I have steadily improved over this 2 years. I still have pain and still have problems, but now I have a quite normal life.

I still have pain in the coccyx, but I can manage to sit for 4 hours with a couple of breaks of 10 minutes and sometimes switching from seated to standing position with a standing desk

I have hip pain, but I always had it and probably is related to the coccyx pain.

So, I am not yet fully recovered, but I actually feel better now.

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