Help for a painful coccyx

Jenny, UK

Posted 2017-03-19

Suffering with coccydynia, a week after a forceful fall backwards onto my tailbone and head, I was lucky enough to find chiropractor Michael Durtnall at Sayer Clinics, listed on (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). Being a retired radiologist, I was particularly impressed with the excellent quality of the X-rays taken at the first visit. Michael has a very warm, friendly and empathetic personality, with a reassuring bedside manner, immediately putting one at ease.

Following the initial internal mobilisation of the coccyx and some freeing up of the surrounding tightened muscles, together with some intense external massage with a Thumper device, I experienced a 20-30% reduction of pain over the next 9 days. Good advice was given on how to best sit forward on a wedge cushion with a suitably cutout area, to avoid aggravating the pain.

After a further treatment today, I can already feel even further improvement. I am glad that I was able to find help so soon after the injury, rather than having to wait for months or even years, for the pain to become chronic, before being able to seek and find, expert treatment for this debilitating condition.

So thank you for this Michael, and of course Jon Miles, for your absolutely excellent and comprehensive website, able to point one in the right direction to find experts in this field of expertise.

Update, 2017-04-23

I would just like to update you on the wonderful success I have experienced with early treatment.

After 4 sessions with Michael Durtnall, I find that my coccydynia is now 99% better. At the same time that I am so happy with my condition, I feel tremendous empathy with so many of the people on your website, that have endured such painful and extended experiences, which have disrupted their lives in so many ways. Thank you once again for the tremendously extensive website, which has so much valuable information on all things to do with coccydynia.

Update, 2018-05-13

Since the last posting, where I had already experienced 99% pain relief, I had one further treatment with Michael Durtnall, and since then, am happy to report a 100% success rate, with no further pain.

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