Please May I Sit Down

Ursula -

Posted 2017-05-21

[Note that because Ursula is at sea, she is not always in email contact. See Ursula's previous post here]

I have been a silent observer for quite some time now. I needed to read all your comments and enter into your world. Let me introduce myself: I am a 66 year old woman living on a boat. My husband and I sold our house, car and gave most of our worldly possessions away when I was 6 months post op having had my broken coccyx removed.

We have been sailing around the world for nearly 6 years now.

After a good period of time, I have come to realize that to not share my book, appropriately titled Please May I Sit Down (available now on Amazon) would be rather selfish of me.

For much part of 5 years I have done extensive research looking for a reason why I was in so much pain. I have cried in pain, frustration and humiliation. I have broken down physically and emotionally and searched for answers where possible.

I needed to understand.

I am a sceptic, not by choice, but through circumstances beyond my control, naturally.

If you have had the misfortune to have fallen on your butt and broken your coccyx and injured your spine, then this book is for you. In writing this book, my intentions were to just help 5 people. Maybe you are one of these five.

I salute all of you for your courage.

Thank you for reading this post.

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