Coccyx operation by Mr Hardy

Elizabeth, UK -

Posted 2017-02-05

In September 2008 I damaged my coccyx which caused me enormous pain, I visited my GP who prescribed Zapain & Movical, neither helped, By December of the same year I was referred to Mr Harding at Frenchay Hospital. Around August 2009 I eventually saw him, he suggested an injection and Manipulation under General, had a few months with no pain, but then it returned, so saw my GP to arrange another injection, this happened April 2010.

Mr Harding said as the coccyx was loose it would have to be removed, this was done at Southmead Hospital Bristol in September 2010. December of the same year, I had another appointment to see Mr Harding to check up on the wound, he was happy with everything, although I was still in pain, I thought it was due to only being a short time since the operation. December 2011 I saw Mr Harding again, I told him I was still in a lot of pain, and was unable to sit for very long, my job at the time was as a checkout cashier, so had to stand for 6 hours at a time, he said it was possible I would have to learn to live with it as this happens from time to time, the operation isn't always 100%.

For the next 4 years I spent many visits to my GP they prescribed many different painkillers, none of which helped. Eventually I was referred to the Spinal Physiotherapist, in January 2015 they suggested an MRI, but I do not recall having it done, the GP had a letter from them saying 'No further Spinal Surgery would help', in other words I would have to live with the pain.

In June 2015 I saw Dr Krishna at Southmead hospital. He recommended an injection under X-ray/ultrasound as a means of breaking the pain cycle, in the meantime he suggested a course of Amitriptyline, the injection was carried out in September 2015, it was at this time that I thought I heard him telling one of his colleagues that half of the coccyx was left which was causing the pain, I did not say anything to him at the time, he said he would give a telephone consultation with me in about 8-10 weeks, his words kept going around in my mind, when he did ring I asked him if, what I had heard was correct, he said I must have misheard as everything had been removed.

In April 2016 he telephoned me to ask how things were, I told him there was no change, so suggested Caudal Epidural injections, I had 3 over a period of 4 weeks, no change at all, I tried acupuncture at his advise, no help at all. By September I asked my GP to arrange an MRI at Weston General Hospital, as I felt there was sure to be something wrong, this was done on 3rd October, rang my GP a week later, was told it was satisfactory.

I was not happy with the outcome, so told her I was going to get a 2nd opinion privately. This is where everything changed, I saw Mr Hardy at The spire Hospital in Bristol 8th November (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Avon). He asked many questions, then asked if I had had an internal examination since the operation, which I had not. He carried this out, it was very painful, he said he could feel something that should not be there and said to arrange for an MRI, I said I had had one in October, he said they only looked at my lumbar, nowhere near my coccyx area.

I had the MRI 2 days later, went to see him the following Monday, he showed me the result of the MRI, it showed part of the coccyx left behind, which had a cyst attached. He said it was no wonder I was in so much pain, he agreed he could operate, which we agreed the cost.

The operation was carried out 23rd December 2016, it has been 5 weeks now, and though it is still tender, it is nowhere near as painful as it was. He is very pleased with the wound and the way I can sit, he has now discharged me. I just wish I had seen him right at the beginning of my injury, I could have saved 6 years of unnecessary pain.

I would also like to mention that my son lives in LA so to travel I have had to upgrade seats to enable me to get up and down at regular interval, again unnecessary expense.

I would recommend anyone to see Mr Hardy he is a wonderful surgeon, with compassion and a great bedside manner.

Posted 2018-03-18

I can honestly say I am 95% better since my operation, I do not think I will be pain free for sometime, due to having double the scar tissue Having said that, I can sit through a film at the cinema, something I was unable to do for over 6 years, I had to get a seat at the back so I was able to stand up without being in people's way, flying was a real Pain literally.

I wish I had gone private and had the operation done by Mr Hardy 7 years ago, he is a wonderful surgeon.

Life is good now.

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