Do I need something more than x-rays?

Anonymous -

Posted 2006-04-02

I'm only 17 and I haven't fallen or otherwise done anything to injure my tailbone. Nor have I, to my knowledge, given birth. It used to only hurt when I would shift from sitting/laying to getting up and vice-versa. Yet over the period of about 6 months, it has gotten drastically worse. So much so that doing ANYTHING was painful. Sitting, standing, walking, laying, sleeping.. just all the time.

So I've been to the doctor a few times, prescribed tylenol with codeine which did absolutely nothing. Then I was sent over to the orthopedic surgeon. All either have done is take x-rays, which turned out normal.

I'm taking Naproxen twice a day for a month to see if it does anything. As of yet (3rd week), it hasn't done anything aside from taking a very slight edge off the pain. The doctors seem like I'm making it up or something, because the x-rays show nothing. So it's not really being pursued so much. I'm typing this as I sit on my exercise ball, and I'm pretty sure there's something wrong considering my age and the fact that I can't sit.

Should I insist on something other than an x-ray, ie: MRI or the like?? Or does anyone think they know what it is? I don't know what to do...

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