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Adam -

Posted 2006-05-07

No doubt you are reading this as you have a sore tailbone. I read this site one year ago and nearly wept. I had suffered for 2 years with undiagnosed coccyx pain and in reading the personal stories, realised they all followed a similar pattern as mine - misdiagnosis and continued pain. As many testimonies are informative and quite long, I have tried to keep this as concise as possible.

ACT NOW - I acted just in time before my tailbone fused together and now I am on the mend. My life is falling into line again.

I sympathise with the misery this causes. Unable to work at my desk; unable to feed my newborn daughter unless I stand (which was a nightmare with my wife taken very ill and a few weeks in hospital;) no cinema; theatres; eating out was a bore; couldn't drive very far.....

I have spent the past year trying to sort out both a painful coccyx and shoulder. Both were pain that developed - I have not had a fall. Oh, and I am 26 now and have had the pains for the past 3 years.

I have had about 35 appointments with:

Treatments have included:

None have worked.

Attempts to diagnose have included CT Scan and Bone Scan.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE I DID. I got to the stage where my GP said I had a psychological problem. He stated that I was incapable of dealing with life situations where there was no firm 'cause and effect' analysis that I could analyse and accept like 2+2=4 Consequently, I just had undiagnosed pain and most come to terms with it. I laughed and walked out. He had no idea, and I am a firm believer, that when you are fit and well as I am, then pain has a root cause.

Well, having exhausted all avenues, I came back to this site and followed the advice to go and see Dr Michael Durtnall (see doctors and specialists in the UK). He was wonderful and my wife and I left after the first appointment happy he knew what he was doing.

First off - he took X-RAYS with me STANDING UP!! That showed the problems. All others were done lying down so my spine looked fine as no postural issues crept in. The zones of pain were obvious to even the untrained eye from Michael's x-rays.

After a first treatment (manual internal coccyx adjustment - not pleasant but not as bad as the coccydynia; acupuncture and a series of stretches to do) I am now 70% better in both sites of pain. I saw him yesterday and the progress continues. 99-100% recovery looks likely. I may always be a wee bit tender on my coccyx, but I am sat at my desk now, typing this, and not a hint of pain.

Michael made it clear that if he couldn't help I would be sent away. All other Dr's saw me as something of a project. I will see Michael again in a month and perhaps once or twice more subsequently to check progress and speed up my efforts with my stretches. He sees countless cases like me/us. Our GPs and local consultants do not. Go and see him or someone else on the recommended Dr's page on this site. I travel 2 hours to see Michael, but I know some people have taken long haul flights.

Your pain may well be resolved if you act quickly. In my case, I had a postural problem due to 8 years of laptop use, day-in day-out. Maybe you can't be helped, but don't waste time with GPs etc. I know many people end up on anti-depressants. Perhaps you have. This is tragic and can be avoided but you must not take 'no' for an answer until the right person says it.

For more information, details, or specific advice on how to deal with your insurance company who may not be all to helpful with 'alternative' treatments, do email me. Good luck and I hope this testimony encourages you to act. Do not assume that a GP, the NHS, a consultant, will know best.

Updated 2006-07-09

I have now received 4 treatments from Dr Michael Durtnall over the past 3 months and it's still good news!....

I have now crept up to about 95% better in both my shoulder and coccyx. If I sit for a long time (cinema, theatre, train journey) then my coccyx gets a little sore. It is more of a dull ache than the previous pain. It acts as a good warning to stand up and stretch it out!

My shoulder is so much better it is great. No more pain or irritation at anything like the same level or frequency of occurrence. If I slip into old postural habits, I get a slight niggle and the stretches sort it out!

The treatments with Michael have been excellent but I have also taken seriously his urge for me to carry out his list of stretches as regularly as possible throughout the day. This past month I have really improved again, and having recently seen Michael, it would seem that I should hit that 100% pain free target over the next few months.

Also, I have bought one of the chairs that Michael recommends. In the current social climate of Health and Safety, I only had to mention a sore tailbone from poor posture at a desk, and the chair was bought! It is incredible the difference it makes. Actually, my company had previously bought me a very expensive chair from a 'specialist' company - it was rubbish! The HAG chair is perfect! Do not think you are being clever by buying a cheaper one that looks to do the same thing! The subtle differences in my new chair make a heap of difference to the comfort of sitting.

Anyway, do email me with any questions (lots of you have) as it is great to be able to chat about these things with other sufferers and also offer positive hope as yes, I am back to the cinema, driving, theatre, dinner out, feeding my daughter, golf and sport! It's great! I'll update in a few months.

Updated 2006-12-03

Recently saw Michael and things are great! In short, my 2 sites of pain now only cause me trouble if I adopt poor posture and/or don't maintain the stretches Michael gave me.

I now only need to see him ad-hoc or every 6 months or so for a maintenance service!

Not everyone will be as fortunate as me but I am confident if people just went to see Michael or any other PROVEN and RECOMMENDED specialist with a decent track record, much sooner, they too could end up fixed!

It's funny, so many people will spend 1,000 on a plasma TV to sit and watch each night, but not 50 to get their back looked at!

Updated 2011-04-17

Still going strong! Yes, the areas treated are weak points, so now and again I'm required to do the stretches. But the treatment worked brilliantly and I whole heartedly encourage anyone to visit Dr Durtnall, or others recommended on this site, if you can.

Since my last post, a friend has developed a similar (but different) problem. She just WON'T leave the NHS system, and I hate to say it but is in a terrible way. Barely walking, back freezing, lots of pain. She is bounced from pillar to post with vague diagnoses. Don't do as she is doing. See a SPECIALIST right away. I nearly waited too long, but glad I visited Michael when I did.

Do get in touch if I can answer any questions!

Updated 2013-07-21

Still going strong! It all seems a long time ago now. Just now and again, after prolonged periods of poor posture (at desk, long flight) where I'm ill disciplined, I need to return to my previous stretches for a day or so. Then, all calms down and I'm pain free.

I just wanted to update my story, so that folks know this is a long term positive result.

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