My lower back apin

Josh Stringer -

Posted 2006-03-26

Hi, my name is Josh Stringer and I am 18 years of age and a pretty athletic person. I am always exercising and working out to look and feel better, but about three years ago I began to get strange pains in my back and I wouldn't even be able to move for hours at times, and other times it would just be an annoying pain. These pains continue and I have gone to the doctors many of times and they say that it is sciatica and it will get better after I take the medicine. I have taken the medicine "skelakton" that didn't do anything at all.

Then about a year ago I was involved in a car accident and ever since that I haven't been able to sit on my butt and extend my legs straight out without having a sharp pain. Another thing that I have noticed is when I lay down on the floor that both of my shoulders do not touch the floor. My left shoulder is actually about a cm off the floor and I have to force it down so that it can touch the floor.

Then about 2 days ago I got a very painful lump on my coccyx that is about two inches long and about one inch wide. I have no idea what is going on with my back and what is wrong with it. If anyone could give me any advice on what I should do I would be grateful.

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