My dilemma

Karen, UK

Posted 2006-02-26

Hi my name is Karen,

Almost two years ago had an accident fitting curtains at a clients house. I injured my coccyx and, after a few hundred pounds of physio and two manipulations and pain relieving injections under general anesthetic, the pain is no better.

All of this so far has been covered by insurance. But now, after having been referred to a second consultant, it has been suggested I have cryoneurolyrsr to sacrococcygeal. No guarantees this will work and my insurance will not cover it. I think it involves killing the nerve endings around the coccyx. As the insurance company WILL cover removal of the bones I would be better off financially having that done. But can't make a decision based on money alone obviously. But also can't make a decision without all the facts. The consultant I am seeing now is a nerve specialist and cannot really comment beyond that. He says the man to see re bone removal in Yorkshire (I am in Essex, UK).

Really not sure what to do, the nerve procedure is booked in this Tuesday 28th. So need to make a decision pretty soon. Help - anyone!

Update, 2006-06-25

I did not go ahead with the nerve treatment, just decided it was not for me. I, perhaps rather cowardly, went for another injection. The thought of 6 months pain free over the summer was just too much. I have seen another physio who says my sacrum is out of line and that that could be causing the problem. She has suggested traction. Today I saw the consultant as a follow-up to the injection and he disagrees, but says to get straightened out wouldn't be a bad thing anyway and would only benefit me in the long run.

So really I am back to waiting, praying to see if the pain comes back at the end of the life of this injection.


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