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John - jkopanas@sympatico.ca

Posted 2006-07-23

This is my story in a coccyx nutshell. It begins in Sudbury, Ontario. I am 40 years old, married with two small boys and a third child on the way.

It was September 22, 2000 around lunchtime (I think) and I was at work. I was working as a floor supervisor in a call center. One of the telephone reps called me over for me to look at something on his screen so I got off my chair took a look at it and the proceeded to sit down again. I don't know what exactly happened but the chair at the pedestal broke in two and I landed on my tailbone right on a metal bar. Well I was feeling a bit embarrassed and went to get up. One of the ladies that was working there (who was also a nurse told me to stay down, rest for a couple of minutes then try to get up slowly. Well I just got up and starting walking it off. The pain eventually went up my tailbone and I got to the point were I found it difficult to walk and my neck started to hurt as well as a headache. Needless to say the ambulance had to come and get me. The Doctor at the emergency examined me and told me I broke my coccyx and it should be fine in a few weeks. X-rays confirmed it and he also said hopefully there is no sublimation or inversion of the coccyx. Well there was and still is and boy it's was hard to sit stand for any length of time.

I who had gone to the Doctors maybe twice a year was visiting my physician every couple of weeks. I explained about the burning sensation in my tailbone, rectum, buttocks, lower back, scrotum and leg pains. And he would just throw pain killers and anti-depressants at me. I even tried a couple of weeks of physiotherapy until the insurance gave out. With not any of that working for me, he then sent me to neuro-surgeons, orthopedic guys who basically said the same thing. "can't do anything for him". Finally I was sent to a pain specialist in Toronto where I received a couple of cortizone shots in my tailbone. That worked for maybe 5 weeks. I endured the pain ever since and it was driving me crazy. I was always in a bad mood, my wife and kids didn't want to be around me and I didn't want to be around myself. So I went back to the doctor as I implored him to believe me and that I was at the point that were after being in constant pain for about 3 years I would just take my own life. So he suggested I go see a physiatrist and prescribed anti-depressesants.

I decided that this will not get the best of me so I got out of the call center business and got a Job at a Subaru auto dealership in Sudbury. Where the owner was very understanding of my situation and made my work place pleasant. I also got into doing relaxation, breathing techniques I got myself with the help of my wife into a diet, exercise lifestyle change. I was feeling good and could tolerate the pain allot more. I would still feel the odd shots going down my legs, in my rectum, lower back and bum but I could handle it.

My wife was transferred to North Bay with her job and I followed and got myself a job as a service advisor in a automobile dealership.

And then May 23, 2006 while I was at work at a Suzuki dealership in North Bay, Ontario I was involved in a car accident with air bags deploying and I could not get out of the car. Strangers had to help me out because my legs refused to work. I was taken to emergency at the local hospital were they whisked me in and out without examination. The emergency Doctor gave me a 3 day note to stay off work and to get some physio for my back. On my return to work 3 days later the owner of the North Bay dealership fired me for the accident. He didn't even bother to ask how I was.

So before I could even think of getting the physio therapy I had to find a job. I was fortunate that the local Kia dealer was looking for a service Advisor so I jumped at the chance. I explained my situation to him about the pains and he was supposedly fine with that. It became apparent that after the first week being on my feet all day and unable to properly sit that my pains were and are back with a vengeance. I was dismissed at my last job because I was unable to perform because of the PAIN. So much for the owners tolerance on my situation.

With this dismissal I sought the opportunity to get physio therapy I needed. I have been doing it for 4 weeks and the only thing I can say is I am able to sleep for longer that 2 hours at a time but the pains are worse that ever and I can't find anyone who can help. I am now unemployed and desperate for funds and my tailbone feels like it is on fire all the time. I am only able to sit or stand for minutes at a time. I have headaches on the back right side of my head and as I sated the shots of pain are back. Is there any one out there that might be able to help. suggesting a doctor or anything, employment ideas. I would greatly appreciate it. I will be 46 in a couple of weeks and I could sure use some good news. To all those that suffer from this my heart goes out to you and I hope we can find a way to make this pain go away.


Update, 2006-10-01

I am in what feels like nerve pain if that exists 24/7 and nothing seems to really work. I recently went to see a neuro-surgeon for my condition and he sent me for an MRI. They did an MRI of my lumbar region which showed nothing, so the neuro-surgeon suggested (based on the way I'm feeling) I get physiotherapy, take anti-inflammatories and see I chiropractor.

WSIB-Workers compensation-will not at this time give me any support financially. I am up to my eyeballs in debt, because I can't do any physical activity without feeling pain. I can't find a job because I can't sit, stand or lie down on my back for no longer than a few minutes. Driving is a real chore. To top it off yesterday I slipped in the pool during a physio session, someone left a dolphin cutout that was on the bottom of the pool and I just happened to slip on it. That intensified my pain big time.

I then went to see my doctor and I told him what the neuro-surgeon said and what happened in the pool during physio. I told him I think my coccyx is moving every time I do and that is why it hurts. My doctor doesn't know what to do for me, he doesn't believe me. I demanded he refer me to a specialist I found on this site. He asked why, so I told him I have been in contact with other folks who are going or have gone through the same thing. He reluctantly agreed to set me up.

Can anyone tell me if I am going about it the right way and offer me something? And for those who are also suffering don't let them tell you it's not real, don't get bogged down in booze and pills to ease your suffering. There has to be a better way to identify and treat this affliction.

All the best to all.

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