Tea Tree Oil took away the pain

Alicia - Leeloo1967@yahoo.com

Posted 2006-06-25

My pain started 5 years ago after I had my daughter. The pain was unbearable. My mother suggested that I try Tea Tree Oil because it's a natural anti inflammatory. So all I did was put some of the oil on a cotton ball and rubbed it right on the skin where it hurts. I used the oil in the morning and night then within a week the pain, swelling and inflammation was completely gone. I was totally relieved that I was pain free. By the way Tea Tree Oil can be purchased at any health food store or at any Apothecary.

Recently the pain came back and I didn't have any of the oil so I used Motrin 600 mg. because it's also an anti inflammatory and it stopped the pain after just one night.

I hope this information helps anyone who is suffering. Take care.

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