My coccyx was actually covering the opening to my rectum

Tricia -

Posted 2006-01-22

My name is Tricia and I am 28 years old and married with one son. I was involved in a high speed high impact car accident in July 2003. I suffered a contusion (comminuted) fracture of my coccyx and right si joint in addition to lower back sprain and whiplash. I was seen in the emergency room. Then passed around like a potato from my primary to a neurologist, to an orthopaedic doctor, off to a pain clinic, from there a orthopedic specialist, ending up at the orthopedic surgeon ending in a coccygectomy in November 2004.

During this time I endured a total of 8 months of physical therapy, medicine (every kind imaginable) (amitripilyne, skelaxin, vioxx, vicodin, lortab, valium, antideppresants, clonopin) not all at the same time of course!, manipulations, si belts, and cortisone injections in si joint and coccyx, tens unit, and chiropractor visits. My tests included 2 x-rays, 4 mri's, 3 emgs, and 2 bone scans before finally locating the problem with a simple (yet very uncomfortable) rectal exam. This showed my coccyx to be at a 90 degree angle and actually covering the opening to my rectum and causing dyspareunia. Once this happened surgery was immediate.

Surgery went fine with no complications besides osteophytes that were filed down. Recovery however was long and painful. I now could go to the bathroom but that troublemaker right si joint made it a lot harder for my behind and legs to heal.

I did go back to work in May 2005 but I have had ongoing problems with my coccyx area due to si joint dysfunction which I am having si joint injections for.

This injury is very frustrating and there's not a lot of answers out there. This website is great for information and I am one sufferer who is very glad it is there. I knew very little about coccodynia before finding this site. It's nice but unfortunate to know I'm not the only one with a real pain in their behind.

This has been very hard and trying on my family but through all of this I have definitely learned to hang in there and if you're not getting the answers you're looking for from your doctor, research and get a second opinion. If I had known this I could have avoided a lot of tests, pain, and worry.

Anyone with questions about surgery or treatments or anything general feel free to Email me. My surgeon in Michigan, Dr Bartol, was great and familiar with coccygectomies (see list of doctors and specialists in the USA).

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