The specialist had never seen such a bent coccyx

Jane -

Posted 2006-06-11

Hi everyone

I am a 20 year old student and I have been suffering coccyx pain for nearly a year now since I sat down on a friends new sofa and wasn't met by cushion but by a wrongly placed metal bar :(

I went to many doctors (NHS) and they all said that coocyx's heal on their own and wouldn't allow me to have any x-rays. I saw an osteopath for external manipulation for many months which worsened the pain. After I ran out of money I went back and saw doctors again who still said it would heal on its own. In March I started seeing an osteopath and having physio because my coccyx was leading to back and knee pain because of the way I was sitting and walking to reduce pain. My spine was bent, and my ribs are still twisted. Last week they said they could do no more for me and sent me to a specialist who attempted internal manipulation which I was quite sure would work but the specialist said she had never seen such a bent upwards coccyx and she could not even reach it to attempt manipulation :(

I have my own horse and haven't been able to ride since I hurt my coccyx. I can't sit for more than 10 minutes. My university exams were therefore excruciating as they are 2 hours long :( I know I did badly because the pain distracted me so much.

I was wondering if anyone here has had treatment that has actually worked? There seem to be lots of cases of surgery ending with people still feeling pain. Have any other treatments worked fully for you?!

Thank you very much for any help! my e-mail address is

Jane x

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