Coccydynia and disc disease

Amanda Batten -

Posted 2006-10-29

Hello, My name is Amanda Batten. I am going to be 25 years old next Friday, on November 3rd. My back trouble started when I was 6 months pregnant, with my second child, this was about 1 year ago. After I had my child I was diagnosed with coccydynia and disc disease, there's hardly any cartilage in between L 5 -- S 1.

I've already had 2 shots in spine, never helped, therapy was a little help, only thing works is pain meds. but I don't want to be on them the rest of my life. I also have had Sciatica for years. I've never fallen so I don't know why this all is happening to me! My oldest child is 7 years old -- and youngest almost 8 month old.

I have a butt pillow, sometimes it helps. I would like for anyone to E-mail me about there problems and would like some advice from anyone about my problems!! If you need anymore info, Please E-mail me anytime, THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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