How well does internal massage work?

Sandie -

Posted 2006-07-16

Sometime around January 2006 I started with tail bone pain. I sit at a desk for a living and have no injuries that I am aware of. I believe my pain is due to poor posture. I am young 51 who stands up like a little old lady, maybe 10 pounds over weight but consider myself to be a very active person. My tail bone hurts after I sit for to long but always hurts when go to stand up regardless if I have only been sitting for 5 minutes or one hour.

In March I flew from California to Florida on the return from my vacation I decided to see a doctor. He did an internal exam and found nothing, but for a few days after that I had no pain at all! My doctor sent me for a bone scan and a colonoscopy both of which showed nothing. He then sent me to "physical medicine". This doctor told me that he too had once suffered from tail bone pain and wanted me to massage my tail bone internally. He said go buy a box of rubber gloves and k-y jelly and massage the area 2-3 times a day. Well, I can't reach! ha ha...

I am also single and even if I wasn't I don't think I would feel comfortable asking someone to do that. Thinking back about my initial visit to my GP and the internal exam he did that left me pain free for several days I was wondering if anyone else was told this and if it worked.

I am currently seeing a chiropractor, only have been 4 times but don't see any real difference yet. What concerns me is that on the weekends when I am out mowing or working in my yard, painting bedrooms or taking long walks I have no discomfort. Only when I sit.

I have read many stories on this web-site and I am getting worried that my condition may get worse. I have no problem sleeping and no pain laying on my back or sides. I went to Florida again in May and it was a horrible 6 hour flight. I go to Niagara Falls in August and back to Florida in October and I am already having anxiety about flying.

If anyone has any information about internal massage please contact me. I would be very interested in hearing your results.


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