Figuring out what to do with M.S. and coccyx pain

Roberta -

Posted 2006-09-10

I have been reading on this website for a long while now, attempting to make an informed decision about what to do.

I am a 58 year old woman with secondary progressive M.S. Approx. 7 years ago I slipped going into a pool and fell hard onto the concrete surround. X ray revealed that I fractured my coccyx in 2 places at that time. I have been in pain when sitting pretty much ever since. For two years, I was helped by steroid injections and have recently been having acupuncture which has helped only a little.

This week I consulted with the head of orthopedic surgery at Ma General Hospital in Boston, Dr. Kirkham Wood. This is a quick operation for him to perform and he has apparently performed many coccygectomies.

Before I make my decision, I thought I would share my story on the off chance that there might be someone out there in a situation similar to my own. My problem is that, due to the M. S., my walking is already not great... I wear a leg brace on my left leg and use a walker.

Faced with the prospect of going in to a scooter or wheelchair to get around, sitting more comfortably would be key. So, I am clearly between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

While I have had enough of living with the coccyx pain, facing the year of hard recovery is daunting as well, esp since my walking is already not very good. (Additionally, as we all know, there is no guarantee of successful results....)

Many thanks for any insight you may offer.

Roberta in MA

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