Tailbone removed, but serious infection followed

Don - petmate1@netzero.com

Posted 2006-03-05

My name is Don. I had been having trouble with sitting for quite sometime. I went through a year of conservative treatments before the decision was finally made to remove it. I had tried physical therapy, injections, and everything you can think of without results. Finally the pain became so severe, that I was sent to a Pain Center for them to manage it. The pain just kept coming. So eventually my pain doctor suggested that I have the tailbone removed. He did not think I would have any relief unless I did.

So I agreed and began to make plans to have it done. I had my surgery done by someone who had only done one before mine, and that was 15 years ago. I had the surgery this past January 17th. I was instructed to leave the bandage on for 3 days and then remove it. I came home from the hospital the same day as the surgery was performed. I did fairly well at home after the surgery, because the surgeon had injected an anesthetic in the area that would last for awhile. The next morning the injections had worn off, and I was in a terrible amount of pain. I was given Percocet for the pain in addition to the methadone I was already taking. After 3 days I removed the bandage as I was instructed to do.

When I removed it, I was totally dry and there was no drainage of any kind. Then, about a week later, I began to hurt terribly bad. I noticed one day that the back of my PJ's were totally soaked. I went into the bathroom and looked, and the wound now was draining very heavily. I started back with the bandages, and they would become soaked as soon as I could put one on. Finally I got to hurting so bad, that my family and friends begged me to go to the ER. When I got to the ER, I was told I had a very serious wound infection. He had to give me 4 shots to give me a local, and then he cleaned and packed the wound.

He then sent me back to see my original surgeon the next day. Well the surgeon had no choice but to take me back into the operating room the second time, and debride the wound. So I had to have that additional surgery done February 14th. I had to then stay in the hospital several days and take IV antibiotics. The day I came home, they put me on a Wound Vac machine. It keeps the drainage sucked out of the wound. But let me tell you that it is a hassle and a half to keep hooked up to that thing all day and night. I may have to wear this thing 4 weeks or more. Home Health Nurses come to my house 3 times a week to chance everything out. When they remove the sponge packing, it hurts so bad I just scream.

When the cultures finally came back that they had taken during surgery, it was confirmed that I had two separate infections. One was a Staph infection, and the other is a Strep infection. I am on some very powerful antibiotics. One is called Zyvox. It cost over three thousand dollars for a one month supply. The other one is called Avelox. They are so strong, I get real nauseated and have to take phenergan to keep me from being so sick. But the phenergan makes me real sleepy. I am real disappointed at how everything turned out for me. I could not understand why I was not given an antibiotic when I left the hospital the first time to prevent me from getting an infection. But I wasn't.

That just doesn't make sense to me. So here I am with this machine hooked up to me for no telling how long. If I had it to go through again, I would have most likely not have done it. I am just hoping that these antibiotics will clear everything up and I will get better. I will keep you posted on what happens next.


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