Any ladies with cervix & rectum pain?????

Maria -

Posted 2006-07-09

My name is Maria. I have suffered with endometriosis for 21 years. 6 weeks ago I had a hysterectomy to hopefully solve my mysterious pain problem. Unfortunately I still have it but its whereabouts have become all so clear. I now know for sure the pain originates in my rectum. It is on the right hand side of my rectum and travels from entrance to deep inside to my coccyx. When the pain gets bad it also spreads to my cervix area (beyond the cervix, inside). I am wondering if any other ladies experience this.

I have just had a sigmoidoscopy but nothing was seen, also an internal (rectum) again nothing seen. The doctor did push internally into the bottom of my coccyx (right had side) which was painful. For a week after I had full symptoms. I have back and leg pain too. Sciatica I have had a couple of times. My back aches today and also my legs.

It is definitely sitting that starts this problem off each time. I find myself sitting to one side. Often my right buttock goes numb and also right side of vagina. I find that hot baths, volotrol suppositories and 30/500 cocodamol help. Also lying down and not sitting. Standing helps a bit. Physical activity doesn't help at all. Any help would be appreciated.



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