I'm not going to give up trying to get rid of rid this pain

Pam - ms_fitz67@hotmail.com

Posted 2006-02-19

Hi there, my names Pam. I have been having coccyx pain for the last two years, I have been on your site lots of times and wanted to write in, but not really having much to say. My pain started after I had had MUA (Manipulation under Anesthetic) and epidural injections for two bulging discs in my back (twice). I have had back trouble for ten years, I am 38 now. The injections didn't work and the docs didn't seem to care or understand the pain I was now getting in my coccyx.

I am on Tramadol and Diclofenac and was told last time I went to see my consultant that there wasn't much more they could do for me as I had had physio. Well I went for the appointment and three physios said that it would do no good because they could not touch the site and there wasn't much point!! That filled me with confidence! I then had another MUA and cortizone injection which lasted exactly 4 hours and the pain came back twice as bad, that was when they said nothing more can be done.

Well, after reading peoples experiences on this site I knew there was more to be done. I even mentioned the sitting and standing x-ray, they looked at me as though I was crazy. I asked to be referred, and I have just found out that I will be seeing a Mr. Allibone at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, UK. Has any one heard of this doctor?

I'm hoping with everything crossed that something can be done because although I try not to let it, it has taken over, can't drive, can't sit for longer than a few mins and because of complaint with my back I can't stand for too long either, and not being able to work is the pits. Anti-depressants help, and having a wonderful caring husband and kids too.

I don't know when my appointment is. I last saw my consultant in Oct. and he has only last week found someone to see me!! Thankfully I have a great GP and he got them to finally listen and send the letter off.

I will keep you up-dated, and thank you for this site, it really helps to know others have this and I'm not alone, even though at times I get so down and frustrated. I do read the experiences of others, it helps to know something can be done. Just why it takes so long for something to be done I really don't know. I hope my experience can help someone don't believe nothing can be done. I nearly did but I'm not going to give up trying to rid this pain.

Thanks again. Hopefully write again soon, Pam

Update 2006-06-11

Hi all sorry taken so long to update but not really got any news. The hospital I went to, the royal national orthopaedic hospital in London, were great, very understanding, I am to start from beginning but at least this hospital knows what they are doing, got a MRI on 30 Aug. on coccyx and sacrum. High possibility they will have to remove it cos been left too long to treat.

Hope you are all fine. If anyone wants to know my surgeon is Mr Allibone at the royal national orthopaedic hospital he is also at Stanmore hospital, his secretary is Ruth Ellis, 020 73914250. The hospital no is 020 73875070. I found them very helpful.

I am being treated on the NHS but they do do private too, all you need to do is ask your doctor for a second opinion and give them the name of doc.

Hope this helps some one I will let you all know how I get on.

Hope you are all ok.

Speak soon Pam

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