A fistula was my problem

Tim - tp4tee@verizon.net

Posted 2006-03-19

I urge anyone to get checked for a Fistula, they will not show up on MRIs. I apparently had it for years and it slowly got to the point I was in excruciating pain. I finally found a doctor who found it by doing a rectal exam. They can eat holes in your bowel or come out some other way.

I found out one day that when I was on antibiotics I had a lot of relief, so I told my doctor & he examined me & told me about a Fistula & done surgery. I'm still sore but I can tell a huge difference. I was told it take me a few weeks to get over this surgery , then I should feel Great....

Oh & yeah mine did hurt in the bone, it feels like its your bones, but mine wasn't.

Take care

Note from Jon Miles - When a pilonidal sinus links up to the bowel, it is called a pilonidal fistula in ano.

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