The doctors kept telling me nothing was wrong


Posted 2006-01-29

When I was 7 years old I managed to hit my coccyx pretty hard on the end of an arm chair and heard this almighty, sickening crack. For weeks I couldn't sit on the area directly and years later it still hurts. One doctor I visited told me I had a trapped nerve and that all I needed to do was rest it. My mum being herself decided I didn't need any rest and sent me back to school. This caused a great deal of pain seeing as we had to sit of hard plastic chairs all day.

About 8 years later I visited another and he told me I didn't have anything wrong with my back and that I was able to work. So I did. Except due to the pain I haven't been able to hold a job for more than a month. This started to depress me.

Another 3 years later I visited a new doctor seeing as I registered due to moving out. He also told me nothing was wrong. I got a new job and couldn't hold this one for longer than 2 months because the constant bending down to put stuff away was agonizing. I rang in one day to say I couldn't work due to my back pain and was told it was ok and to get a sick note when I was ready to come back to work. About 3 weeks later I received my P45 in the post.

My partner has always been very supportive and realised that the pain was slowly getting worse when we moved cities. When my partner checked it out for me he noticed what looked like a pin hole at the bottom of my spine. He recommended one night that we go to the hospital to get it checked seeing as it was late at night and the pain was preventing me sleeping.

When I was seen by the doctor we specifically told him that the pain was in my coccyx area. He checked my lower back above the crack of my ass. The nurse told the doctor where the pain was and he ignored her thinking he knew best. After a few days a swelling appeared where the "pin hole" was.

The second doctor we saw was more experienced and noticed straight away that there was an infection. I was x-rayed then taken to a ward because there was no damage to my coccyx, allegedly, but I still don't believe this as it still hurts in that area.

When I was referred to a ward another doctor checked it over. I was diagnosed as having a Pilonidal Cyst) which was causing the excruciating pain. About 28 hours later the cyst was removed and I have to have it packed everyday. It doesn't hurt so much now as it did when I first had it packed but I am getting better. The pain around my coccyx is still there but hopefully I'll make a full recovery.

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