External coccyx adjustment and physical therapy

Sandra Lail - sandyd@carolina.rr.com

Posted 2006-12-28

Dr. GuruZail Khalsa, Thank you so much for working with my doctor, Dr. Geoffrey Rose of Rose Chiropractic in Concord, North Carolina, (just outside of Charlotte) earlier in 2006.

After a car accident in 2001, I had years of pain in my lower back, sacral area. I saw almost every spine, orthopedic, neurological, etc. specialist, including a few chiropractors in Charlotte, NC; all to no avail. Doctors referred me over and over again to other specialists and I had all kinds of tests and was on all kinds of medication for the pain, did years of physical therapy, all of which helped only mildly, and even then, I would still have to take medication to sleep through the pain at night and use a coccyx pillow to sit and watch TV or work at my computer. Doctors were then telling me I must be suffering from some kind of depression. Well, me and everyone who knows me, knew that was not the case.

Then I decided to do some research on the Internet, and I found the heaven sent web site, www.coccyx.org

Since I was in so much pain I could not travel from the east coast to the west, so I emailed Dr. Khalsa (see list of doctors and specialists in the USA) to see if he would work with my chiropractor, Dr. Geoffrey Rose. Dr. Khalsa agreed and Dr. Rose contacted him to learn the procedure in detail of how to perform the coccyx adjustments.

Dr. Rose and I decided he should try to adjust my Saccrococcygeal externally, to see if that would work, before attempting to do the adjustment rectally. The external adjustment along with physical therapy which I learned at Dr. Rose's office and I now do by myself is working perfectly! Dr. Rose did have to do a few painful adjustments because my body was accustomed to the misalignment of my coccyx, since it had been out of alignment for several years, but it was all worth the time he spent. It has been a long time since I've been able to sit at my computer without pain and without having to sit on my coccyx pillow. I now work a full time + overtime job as a computer programmer, sitting most of the day without pain.

I cannot thank you enough for working with my doctor, Dr. Geoffrey Rose. You are truly one in a million and so is Dr. Rose! God bless you both.

Respectfully yours,

Sandra Lail

Updated, 2009-01-04

Here I am going on to 2009 and I am still coccyx pain free without surgery or medication in NC! Thank you again and again to Dr. Geoffrey Rose (see doctors and specialists in the USA, North Carolina). I tell everyone I meet about him. Dr. Rose adjusted my coccyx in Jan. 2006 and I continue to do the physical therapy stretches his staff taught me, everyday, which helps me remain limber and pain free. Dr. Rose is truly a God send!

God Bless you,

Sandy Lail

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