I heard my tail bone crack during delivery


Posted 2006-03-19

After reading Alan Palmer's story about his wife I went to see Jan de Vries in Glasgow today (see Doctors and specialists in the UK). I heard my tail bone crack during the delivery of my beautiful daughter 7 months ago. Since then I have been in a lot of pain, I found it difficult to sit, drive and when I did sit it was excruciating to stand up again. No one took me seriously and people kept telling me it was normal to have tailbone pain after having a baby and it would get better on its own.

Anyway, I saw Jan de Vries today at 0915 am. At 0932 I was sitting directly on my backside for the first time in 7 months having a coffee in a nearby coffee shop. It literally took him minutes to manipulate my coccyx back into place. It was not painful and I am completely cured.

So I just wanted to thank Alan Palmer for sending in his story because if I hadn't read that I would never have known about Jan de Vries and to say to everyone out there suffering from this to go and see a reputable osteopath. It may not work for everyone but its definitely worth a try.

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