Coccyx had a hook on the end

Sharon -

Posted 2006-11-26

Where do I begin? I have been checking out this informative site for well over a year, and now it's time to share my story with you all. My coccyx pain began over 3 years ago for no apparent reason. Whilst standing and walking, I was in no pain whatsoever, but sitting was another story. As long as I sat forward, with my back straight and not slumped or sitting back 'into' a chair I was fine, but lounge chairs, sitting 'normally' or even sitting on the edge of my bed to put shoes on was a nightmare!

I had x-rays (sitting & standing), ultrasound, MRI (of lower back to rule out any problem there) and nothing untoward showed. My Orthopaedic Surgeon (who specialises in the spine) performed a MUA (manipulation under anaesthetic) in hospital back in May, and also gave me a cortisone injection. This worked for a couple of weeks then back to square one!

My next option was to have my coccyx removed. After reading so many reports on this site, I was terribly nervous about having it done, but felt I had no option. After attending a pre-op clinic 2 days before the op, I was told I would wake up with a catheter, would need a raised toilet seat, wouldn't be sitting for months etc etc…..none of that happened!

Wednesday 15th November 2006 had my operation. WOW! Woke up in recovery 10.15 am and they taped the clicker thingy into my hand so I could administer pain killer drug myself via IV into my hand….I didn't use it once!! For the rest of that day I even doubted whether he had in fact operated on me… pain! That afternoon was up and about with my pole thingy with the IV attached going to the loo….no problem to report! My incision is less than 2 inches long with a piece of waterproof tape over it. Saw my Doctor the next morning and he said that my coccyx had quite a hook on the end and also a knobbly calcification lump on the end too, then he said I was free to leave hospital. The trip home was about 20 mins in the front seat of the car with a pillow behind me and I just propped onto my hip, as I was terrified of breaking open my stitches (even though Doctor and nurses assured me this would NOT happen). My Doctor also said that on day 3 or 4 I would be in some pain. Day 3- Saturday – still feeling great, went out shopping for the day and out to dinner that night. I'm aware that he has delved into that area….but I certainly wouldn't describe it as pain. I am sitting carefully and much the same as before the op; it is a bit uncomfortable to sit back into a chair just yet.

Saw my Doctor today, Thursday 23rd (day 8). Hadn't changed any dressing in those 8 days, and also wasn't sent home with any antibiotics or painkillers. He was thrilled at my recovery, checked his handywork, and told me to come back next Thursday 30th to have my stitches removed!

If anyone needs to ask me anything, please feel free to email me on and put 'COCCYX' in the subject line. I won't name my Surgeon on this site, but if there are any Aussies out there who are suffering, I am very happy to give you his name.

After my experience, I hope I have relieved some people's concerns and fears about this operation. I know we all heal differently and at different rates, and I now feel like I am one of the lucky ones for it to all have gone so well. But I know also that I had THE best Surgeon on the job!!!

Good luck!

Sharon J

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