I bent my coccyx

Miriam - mrs_mim@bigpond.net.au

Posted 2006-07-09

It all started on Friday the 13 June 2003. I was leaning against a street sign and was chatting to a workmate whose husband drove up and I squatted to greet him. The street sign was bent, and there was a bracket of solid twisted steel caught on the bend. The sign had been broken and they replaced the sign and bracket and dropped the old bracket and I put my full weight on it.

I passed out from pain. I had fractured my sacrum and bent my coccyx out of shape, I was told to sit on a donut pillow for 6 weeks. Agony, and now 3 years later I still have to sit on it to I get searing pain, I also get sharp pain when I stand from a sitting position with the pillow.

I also developed scoliosis from sitting on a strange angle to reduce pain when my pillows are missing or broken.. and I managed to gain 3 bulging discs from the accident, the doctors thought it was unrelated..

So I carry a number of pillows everywhere, people think it is a joke or ask if I have piles. It has been my hated companion. I have finally after cortisone injections and a procedure where they untwisted my coccyx, providing minimal relief. The interesting point was that my lumbar pain was considerably reduced after having my coccyx straightened out. My doctor says that's impossible, I told him he must have accidentally performed Chiro on me.

I will be having it removed in 2 days. I am nervous. I have enjoyed reading your experiences.. I thought I was the only person in the world who carried a rubber pillow with me, or knelt at parent teacher interviews.. Its good not to be alone, and I have written today to a few of you.. I will update you when I can sit again after the operation..

Cheers all, Miriam, FNQ Australia

Update, 2006-07-23

wound after a few days wound pulling open

The first picture shows my wound a few days after the operation for the scheduled dressing. It was okay and nice neat dissolvable stitches. Then I overdid it and the next day it felt more painful and so the day after I went back and had it redressed.

The second picture shows where you can see how it has pulled apart. 10 days later (today 2 weeks post op) it is still apart and painful at the surgical site now. I still haven't sat down properly yet it is pulling and I am not quite sure if I am ready.

I can walk and be fairly mobile, but get sore after too many hours. I am not bending or squatting yet but I no longer need the raised toilet seat. Laying down is the most uncomfortable it pulls at the site and aches a bit same on my belly. I haven't yet tried on my back. Doctor says that's normal and to still take it easy.

I am pleased to report the sharp searing pain I used to get from the coccydynia is not noticeable if I for example squeeze my buttocks or get up from a reclined position. (I haven't sat direct yet). To me that means successful surgery. Of course it is too early to tell if there are any complications beyond the yellow exudate oozing from the wound. Doc says to come back if it hasn't stopped within 2 weeks.

The wound site was bashed the other day when I was out after an appointment, and a lady pushed me to one side and whacked a sharp box leather handbag right on the wound site.. it is opened at that point and now my husband knows I can say the F word....

That's it, so far looking pretty good.


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