Post surgery problems - help!

Kris -

Posted 2006-06-04

I had my coccyx removed on May 4th, 2006. My doctor said I could go right back to work, only I was not to lift more than 5 lbs. and not to stoop stand or sit for long periods of time. So 4 days after surgery I went to work, teaching a 4 hour class.

BIG MISTAKE! That's when the wound started to drain and the pain was enormous, so I took 2 weeks off, then went back to work full time as a nurse. Then the pain was too much again so I took 3 days off.

3 weeks after surgery the wound at the bottom of the incision was 1/4 inch by 1/8 inch opening and 1/2 inch deep. I started packing it myself 3 times a day. (I'm an RN and the neurosurgeon said I could do this).

June 1st, the wound is 3/4 inch by 1/4 inch and 2 inches deep and still draining. The doctor's office doesn't know what to do with me, the doctor wasn't in. I see the doctor next Monday. They may do surgery again or send me to a wound clinic. But they still say I can work, and I worked as a nurse 8 hours yesterday evening. Lot of pain, taking the pain medication. I'm very discouraged.

I am packing the wound myself 3 times a day. What a nightmare. Any experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Update, 2006-06-11

I saw my surgeon last Monday. He wants to do surgery again!!! He is going to open up the wound and sew it back together because it will take 6 months to a year to heal on it's own. I am dealing with a lot of pain there. I am still packing the wound myself 3 times a day and it is draining a lot. I am still working. The Dr. said after this next surgery I should stay off work for 2 weeks. I don't know when the surgery will take place yet. Soon, I hope.

Note from Jon Miles: I have never heard of anyone being told to go straight back to work after this operation. I took 6 weeks off, and needed it. In my opinion, Kris's doctor was extremely irresponsible in sending her straight back to work.

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