Coccyx relief from turning cushion round

Bob Davidson, Glasgow -

Posted 2006-03-26


I have had problems with coccyx pain for years - initially brought on from lots of long haul travel - but then post flight it would disappear. Last summer however I had two bad falls - 1) slipped and landed on rock covered in seaweed - landing right on my coccyx and 2) falling back playing badminton - again landing on an already inflamed area.

Additional info - I am quite tall at 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 metres) and weighed > 23 stone at Xmas - now under 20 stone and falling


3 months of physio - no improvement

Steroid injections - no improvement

Acupuncture - no improvement

x rays & MRI showed - it is inflamed /possibly chipped but not broke

Consultant is now discussing tailbone removal - but from what I have read I don't want to consider that


I have tried various coccyx cushions, wedges, rings, lumbar rolls etc.... all totally useless for me

The pain is at its worse when getting up from a seat

For the last few days I decided to go back to my original wedge but turned it round the other way - with the thick section at the front of the chair. The difference is amazing - I would say discomfort is reduced by about 80%. I just hope prolonged use in this manner eventually gives the coccyx enough breathing space to get back to normal. For those that have not tried this method - give it a go - good luck - coccydynia really is a pain in the a**.

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