Bump between my backside and my bike

Roger - rog_hammond@hotmail.com

Posted 2006-05-28

I hurt my coccyx a week and half ago during what I thought was a rather insignificant bump between my backside and my bike, following a sharp use of the brakes to bring myself and bike to a halt. Felt something but nothing significant at the time and some more-or-less background pain for a week. I often ride the bike back and fore to work - 40 km roundtrip - and thought it would be ok to do so again about 5 days after the event, having considered whatever injury I'd sustained was minor: It felt at that point like an insignificant dull ache in my coccyx rather than any kind of serious pain. I was slightly sore at the end of the 40 km but again nothing serious. The next morning I got up and used the cross-trainer for 20 minutes, deciding not to take the bike to work.

Didn't have any direct problems following these exercises. Went to bed that evening also without any significant pain. However, the next morning I got out of bed with huge difficulty and a pain like nothing I've ever experienced; always there but bearable, until every few minutes, intermittently a red hot searing pain in my coccyx attacked and lasted for I guess 3 to 10 very long seconds. I've been experiencing this on and off since then and that's 4 days ago. The pattern seems to be that it is worst in the morning and gets much better through the day, although I get a sense that it's always lurking there in the background. I'm managing to sleep but am waking up in intermittent excruciating pain early in the morning.

I called the doctor today and she advised ibuprofen and to call her back in a week if necessary. I searched the net and came across this site and read some of the very troubling stories that many of you have been through. I then started to get worried and thought that I would ask if it is too early to act or should I indeed take some other action now?

Do you have any advice about what is wise at this stage?

I'm 37 years old and thankfully otherwise healthy.



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