Back and coccyx pain was caused by cancer

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Posted 2006-12-10

For the past year, my husband has been having severe pain in his lower back. In January 2006, he began having extreme pain when sitting or laying down. After trips to internists, orthopedic doctors, pain management doctors, chiropractors, he was still in extreme pain. He was diagnosed by the pain management doctor has having coccyxdemia. His pain kept getting worse. He was on 80 mg of oxycodone twice a day, 6 to 7 loretabs a day, 3 muscle relaxers, elavil, miralax, prilosec, and icar. His pain never got below a 5 or 6 and was a 10 everyday. At times, he had severe pain that would be relieved after having a BM. He was constipated and they steadily increased his types of laxatives and number of doses thinking it was caused by the pain medicine and the coccyx problem. To have a BM became so painful that he had to strain, push and groan like he was giving birth. He told the doctors that it felt like something was in there. They increased his miralax dosage.

He was also at one time put on large doses of anti-inflammatories which caused him in August 2006 to start losing blood (4 pints) and was hospitalized where they did a upper gastric exam and said it was from a scabbed over ulcer. A lower GI was not done. His pain continued to worsen and a visit to a neurologists and a CT scan took us to contact an orthopedic oncologists for a non malignant tumor they thought he had on his coccyx (osteoid osteona). Before we could get to that doctor, my husband's stomach became very swollen with strong rumbling noises. The next day, it got worse, he became nauseous and later began throwing up. He began having strong pain in the middle of his abdomen and we took him to the emergency room.

After x-rays and a CT scan, he had to have emergency surgery for total blockage caused by a cancerous tumor in his colon. It had completely closed his rectum. He has stage 3 colon cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes.

While he still has pain across his lower back, he does not have the tailbone pain that was so excruciating for him for these past 11 months.

At this early stage, he just was released from the hospital Saturday, we do not truly know his future except that it is going to be a long battle.

We wanted to let this web site know that the possibility of colon or rectal cancer could be causing similar symptoms as the coccyx problems. My husband was so miserable and it all seemed related to the back and coccyx. We did not dig further nor did the doctors. Rectal cancer especially has these symptoms. Please, please have your physician do a complete physical or at least a lower GI series of tests.

Good luck to you all and please have us in your prayers.

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