My coccydynia story - just beginning

Jorge Ortiz -

Posted 2006-07-09

On Feb. 4, 2006 I attempted to jump a large boulder, with a narrow transverse top edge, on a dry creek while hiking. I lifted myself with my arms grasping the sides of the boulder's edge, but I lost grip and fell about 30 inches (76 cm) hitting the rock directly with the small of my back. Then and there I developed severe coccydynia that while it isn't felt when standing, walking or lying (face up or down) it is quite painful when using hard horizontal seats. It subsided for a time in the spring but since late May it has returned somewhat more intense.

At my office I have a semiprivate area, and sometimes I will unhang myself from the chair and lie sideways on the (concrete) floor for as much as an hour. I can drive my car (a Toyota Echo, a variant of the first version of the small Yaris seen elsewhere) now without noticeable tailbone pain, but hard seats at office or home, or visiting, tax out my patience in about 30-60 minutes. The pain is still untreated, but thanks to I have a name of a physician in my country that I will contact so see if she can help me out - I just have to find if she takes my health plan!

Jorge Ortiz

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