Misdiagnosed coccydenia

Clair H. Jantzen - chjantzen@shaw.ca

Posted 2006-08-13

About seven years ago (approximately 1999) I saw my family doctor about a "tail-bone" problem. When I sat on my rump I felt pressure, not pain, and when I rose up, removing the pressure, I felt severe pain. If I was sitting and felt a sneeze coming on, I would have to rise quickly, release the pressure or the sneeze caused a sharp pain jack-hammering to my tail-bone region. I was sent for bone scans, had rectal exams, x-rays, etc, and was subsequently diagnosed with coccydenia.

Last year, I presented to my physician with blood in my stool. My family doctor was on vacation and a locum sent me for an occult blood test and scheduled me for a flexible sigmoidoscopy. This test revealed a cancerous growth in my colon, 8 to 10 centimeters from the anus. A subsequent colonoscopy did not reveal any further polyps or growths of any kind, but the 7 centimeter long tumor was excised trans-anally, and during a second scope the remainder was successfully removed. I turned out to be a T-2 with a small number of cancerous cells, but I required no chemo or radiation therapy.

I am writing to tell you that my coccydenia disappeared the day of my surgery. No more pain sitting on my tail-bone.

I do not find this coincidental, and I am encouraging you to log this as another symptom of problems in the intestines, something to be looked at immediately. If a flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy had been performed right away, it is possible that a small growth would have been discovered. As it was, I had a slow growing tumor which, over the years, became cancerous.

I am pain free for over a year now, as well as cancer and polyp free.

Clair H. Jantzen (male)

Kelowna, British Columbia


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