Upturned tailbone

Vanessa - harlentvj@optusnet.com.au

Posted 2006-03-19

Hi, my name is Vanessa, I am 24 and from Melbourne, Australia. I came by this site trying to google up any help. You see, for the last 4 months I have had a bad pain where my tail bone is. At first I thought it was my chair at work, so I swapped it but that didn't seem to help. From there I couldn't sit on the floor or lie on my back for more than 5 minutes without screaming in pain when I try and move.

I finally went to the doctors tonight to which he told me that it looks like my tailbone is turned up the wrong way. Apparently, the tail bone at the end curves under where mine turns upward. You can actually feel and see the bone!!!!! What scared me more is the reaction I got from the doctor. He said that he had never seen this before and that this is very rare. I haven't fallen or hurt it to my knowledge so he suggested that I was probably born like this. I have to go for an x-ray and then they will take it from there. Although, he said that it looks like surgery will be the way to go I can't believe he suggested this without looking at the x-ray first. Oh, he did suggest I carry a donut around in the mean time how attractive, my husband thinks this is funny and I am sure my 2 year old son will think it is a toy. I am really scared!!!!

I will give you an update once I have had the x-ray and let you know what the doctor suggests. If anyone has this or any ideas please get right back.



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