Is there any hope for recovery?

Moonbeam -

Posted 2006-10-22

Hi, I am female, 49. I cracked my tailbone when I was a child. Also fell off of a 25 ft. diving board at 14 and fractured my back. Nothing was done for both problems, No one listened to me about my pain. Have been in pain ever since.

One year ago I was diagnosed for arthritis in my lower back because of the fracture in the area of my waist line. Two months ago I got tangled in my dogs chain and hit the ground hard. I didn't notice anything around my tailbone, but had a lot of pain below my neck and shoulder. One week later, I was resting on the couch with my grandson. He climbed up on my belly and we both fell asleep. One hour later I awoke and needed to stretch. I wasn't thinking, I stretched my whole body with my grandson asleep on my chest. I heard a loud crack in my back. Pain radiated across from hip to hip. I had woken the baby and slid him gently off of me. I had to crawl off the couch to the phone. I knew I cracked something by the way it burned. 12 hours later the ER Dr said I cracked my tailbone. One month later confirmed also after much pain that I have a back strain from the fall in the yard tangled up in my dogs chain. I don't want to take too many pain killer or muscle relaxers. The muscle strain needs exercise ands the tailbone needs rest. I have many other conditions, diabetes, thyroid condition, blood pressure and migraines. It gets very confusing trying to treat the variety of conditions. Doctors re x-rayed the tailbone and said no change after 2 1/2 months, and hand me another prescription for pain.

I am the only one to clean and keep things going at home. I will sweep and mop and do laundry in tears. From everyone out there who has experienced the same things, is there any hope for recovery???

When my tailbone starts screaming I stop what I am doing. When my upper back starts burning I give in and take something for the pain. When my arthritis flares up I go to bed. I am MOM, Grandma, Housekeeper, and much more and do not have time for the pain. Not to mention I have to be aware at all times. Going to bed for the pain is not an option. Any suggestions out there???

Thanks Moonbeam AKA Carol

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