Coccydinia lasted for 3 months

Scarlett -

Posted 2006-05-07

I thought I'd share my experience of coccydinia with you all - my experience however was shortlived (long for me but not in comparison to some of you). I am 27 and currently have a 15 month old healthy beautiful son.

My coccydinia developed after childbirth. My pregnancy was normal. My labour unfortunately was abnormal and I still have not had any doctor or obstetrician give me a guaranteed explanation of why my labour was the way it was and why I suffered coccydydnia afterwards. I also have not read or heard of any experience similar to mine.

My labour contractions were not in the stomach as is supposed to be felt. Nor was it in my lower back, as some seem to think when I tell them my story they say "oh you had back labour". Well no it wasn't that either. My contractions were up my anus, so each contraction felt like someone was sticking a poker up the back passage and grinding and poking. I required an epidural to help deal with this, although this was 7 hours after my initial contractions. I had an episiotomy, which was a walk in the park- no problems with this and recovery was beautiful. However my bum hole and surrounding area was black and blue and swollen for a good month. I couldn't sit to breastfeed and could only sit on my side. When I stood up it felt like my whole nether region was going to hit the floor. Trying to sit was painful, but getting up was even more so- to quote someone on this site, who described the pain like "pulling your tailbone out with a meathook".

I was extremely lucky- I could sit after 4 weeks although the pain was still there for three months. Only after this time did I not feel anything at all. Gradually things improved for me. It was a bit of luck or a combination of this and being relatively fit, young and healthy. Also, my coccyx wasn't snapped- it was obviously just the surrounding area of nerves and tissues which were damaged.

I still wonder why this happened- my "braxton hicks" (which are practice contractions when you are pregnant) were sharp pains up my bum! I guess this was a taste of what was to come. I still feel I need to pursue some answers as I want to give my son a sibling and am dubious about how my body will fair second time around. Maybe I'll get a caeser next time around considering my 'natural birth' recovery was worse than a 'normal' caeser recovery.

Thanks for listening and good luck to everyone!!

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