Coccyx pain since I had an injection for lumbar pain

Beth -

Posted 2006-04-15

My name is Beth I live in Sydney Australia.

Cant believe there are so many poor people like me suffering with coccyx pain. I have had terrible coccyx pain now for over 4 years. Mine is broken, now I may have had this problem before this Dr stuck a needle in it................but it did not hurt me!

I had an injection for lumbar pain due to bulging discs, a Dr put the needle into my coccyx region, I have never been the same since, cant sit without a coccyx free cushion, so not only do I have back pain due to bulging discs in my back!! I have this coccyx pain as well, its very hard, I saw a specialist once regarding removal of the coccyx, he said I would be worse than I am now.

I have physio when my coccyx becomes too painful it does help me, I would never have it removed now heard too many awful stories, cold packs help, I try & lay down on my side instead of sitting.

I feel so sorry for all the people I have read about but it has helped me to know I am not alone. I just wish I could get rid of this awful pain.

I hope I hear from someone with good news & who may live in Sydney.


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Update, 2006-06-04

Hello its Beth from Sydney.

I just had to write and tell you that I have been twice to an Osteopath and she has helped me I cant believe it! Just before I went to her I was really thinking about surgery, the pain was getting me down so bad. if anyone out there hasn't tried this form of treatment please give it a go. I am going again tomorrow to the Osteopath. she has been a God send to me

Sitting was better the first time I saw the Osteopath. I thought my coccyx pain was less, then the 2nd time I felt better again. I still feel my coccyx but I can sit longer I am not in as much pain. I am going to keep going to her.

Hope this can help even one of you like it has helped me.

Keep believing there is help out there.

Kind Regards


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