It almost feels worse than before I had the surgery

Corinne -

Posted 2006-04-12

I broke my tailbone 2 years ago after sledding down a hill and violently hitting my tailbone on ice. It healed wrong-the tip was facing slightly backwards. I had surgery to remove the tip of my coccyx on December 21, 2005. So, I am now about 3 months post-op.

I originally was told by my surgeon that I would need 2 weeks off of work (where I sit all day) after the surgery. I was out of work for about 1 month. I still need my pad to sit on and it is still extremely uncomfortable, almost to the point where it still feels worse than before I even had the surgery.

It's very discouraging, and I was wondering how long I can expect to still be in pain? Will I have to use this pad for several more months? Is it normal to feel extreme muscle pain in that region even after 3 months?

I welcome anyone's feedback. Thank you

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