Damaged tailbone during labour

Catherine - catherinesaunders24@tiscali.co.uk

Posted 2006-01-15

I've also damaged my tailbone. It happened on the 20 November 2005 when pushing my adorable child out! At the time I didn't notice it happening, I suppose I was in so much pain anyway. I also suffered from SPD also during pregnancy where my pelvis softened earlier and became very painful.

I couldn't sit very easily after the labour but I also had a cut so I just thought it was due to that. It was a few days after really when I would sit and get a shooting pain up my tailbone. Now when I sit I have to lean forwards. Sometimes if I get into a comfy position and sit for a bit its even painful to stand! The most relief I get is from walking!

I've tried the cushion thing but you cant take it everywhere! I hope it goes eventually! I think its just like a cracked rib where it just has to heal itself.

Update 2006-03-26

Less than 3 months after damaging my tail bone it has healed! From reading other threads I thought it would never heal so quickly. It was so painful originally I couldn't sit or even turn in bed. Even laying on my side was too much pressure for my tailbone. It got easier to sit after a while and just seemed to heal itself - I didn't use any special cushions etc. I just sat softer and paid more attention to it to not cause much pain. So 4 months now after Jessica was born and damaging it during her delivery. I really believe it was the position I was in - knees to chest that curved my spine so much that my tailbone would have been in the way of my baby coming out.

Catherine xx

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