Dull . . but there lower back pain

Jraye - clarkjraye@aol.com

Posted 2006-01-22

Well, my story is not dissimilar than others posted here, but it may help someone in someway, or someone can give me advice.

After I gave a very easy 2 hour three push childbirth to my second child, I noticed an odd dull pain in my lower back especially when sitting or just waking. My lower back felt stiff when I woke too. I kept mentioning it too my husband but he was as empathetic as a rock. When I would get up to walk I could feel and "hear" crackling and popping in my lower back. When I sat on a leg or laid on one side to long it would fall asleep or go numb but the too long is not a long period at all maybe 5-10 min at a time. As you could imagine I haven't been getting much rest, not from my newborn baby who is an angel and sleeps from 9 PM to 8 am !!! but from having to shift every ten minutes to avoid waking up numb. At first of course I just wrote it off as one of the pains of giving childbirth and I thought in time my body will heal. Well, it has been six months and the pain seems to be getting worse and seems to be affecting more of my spin too. Just the other night I was laying on my stomach and I crossed my ankles and my tailbone popped and cracked and boy did it hurt.

So this morning I called my OB nurse and she's like oh yeah this is normal after child birth. Your tail bone is misplaced, first get a massage and if that doesn't work then call and set up an appointment, then we'll probably send you to a chiropractor get x-rays and this and that and see from there. AHHHHHHHHHH I am thinking, since my husband is self employed he and I have NO health Insurance since NY State thinks we make too much money HA HA (that's hard to believe since they take most of it in taxes and FICA, yeah that's right we pay Medicare and Medicaid on all of our employees and NY won't give our family free health Ins. ha ha) So this is going to cost us an arm and a leg and maybe a tailbone too.

I want the pain to go away but I don't want the bills .......that's life

If anyone has any suggestions or comments feel free


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