Freak stair accident

Anonymous -

Posted 2006-08-20

Hi, I'm an 18 year old. On August 11 2006, I slipped on my stairs, the last three steps, and at first I didn't realize I hurt my tailbone. I could sit and lie down fine, till after about an hour or two and it really started hurting. I couldn't bend over or sit down or even lie down without feeling a sting of pain.

I went to the doctor's and she said she had no clue about what to do with a tailbone injury and sent me to get a x-ray and there were 3 radiologists who looked over my scans and said there was nothing wrong with it.

I've been checking over your site for treatments and specialists but there are none in Illinois. My doctor is going to send me off to send a ton of people with no cure. I don't know how foolproof the treatments are or if they'll go away in a month or two. I'm scared and the pain is really irritating and interfering with my job.

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