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Jessi-Jo Foley-Keith -

Posted 2006-01-29, edited 2006-02-12

Hello, my name is Jessi-Jo. I am 29 years old and an avid horseback rider.

On Friday the 13th (hmmm cursed?) I was having a riding lesson and we were going over a jump, the horse jumped but then during the landing he tripped and off I went over his shoulder. My coach said I did a full somersault and then landed really hard on my hip/buttock and lower back. It knocked the wind out of me for a few seconds then I just laid there for 20 mins. My coach was checking me over to see if I could move my legs etc... and asked what hurt the most. I replied that my hip/buttocks/lower back hurt. I was able to get back on my feet and walk around for another 20 mins - I didn't want anything to cease up.

I stayed for a few hours just hanging out to make sure I felt ok -- which I did, just very sore. I drove to the pharmacy and got some tylenol, ice packs and mineral ice rub to help with the pain. The next day was the worst, I couldn't barely move as I totally ceased up and was in agony. I just toughed it out, lots of rest, ice and tylenol. Days went by and still I was very sore/stiff and agitated by it all. I just thought I had bruised everything very badly but that was it, so didn't think there was an urgency to get to the Dr.

Well, today (Jan 22, 9 days after the fall) I decided I was fed up and sick of feeling so sore and went to the Dr. He examined me and request that I have X-rays taken. He viewed the X-rays and said that I had 2 coccyx as well that they were fractured. The Dr. prescribed some Vicodin for the pain and told me to buy one of those inflatable rings (oh yes, I'm enjoying it as I type).

Fast forward to now, the first week of February -- Jon (coccyx site creator) was kind enough to forward my X-rays to a Dr Maigne (the world expert on coccyx problems). This is what Dr. Maigne had to say.

"In fact, seeing now the film, I hardly understand the report by the radiologist. All what I can see is normal. I wrote down my comments on the image. What is labeled a "second coccyx" seems to be the dorsal (posterior) wall of the sacral canal, made of the 2 laminae, joining on the midline, this junction being called the sacral crest. To sum up, a normal image in my opinion (however a diagnosis made on a low definition image). Also, the tip of the coccyx is not visible, a frequent technical error, and there is no dynamic film."

I'm assuming there isn't any fractures - unless there happens to be one in the part of the coccyx that isn't visible (the tip of the coccyx as Dr. Maigne mentioned). My coccyx must be badly bruised as the pain is still very acute. I'm going to just see how it feels over the next few weeks and if its still causing a lot of discomfort I may go see what I can do about it, if anything.


Jessi-Jo Foley-Keith (California, USA)

Below are shown the orginal version of the x-ray, with Dr Maigne's comments added, and a clearer image, obtained later by Jessi-Jo.

extra coccyx extra coccyx

Update, 2006-04-30

Well its been over 3 months since my fall and its sort of a day to day thing with pain. One day I'll feel pretty good, hardly any discomfort or pain then other days its extremely painful (like it was in the beginning).

Frustrating to say the least because it's put my riding on the back burner for the past 3 months (and counting). though I'm really debating whether I should try to see how it feels in the saddle again --- just so I know whether its going to be something I can do or if I have to wait it out longer. I just have to be so careful as to how active I am.....even going for a walk can really get it agitated at times.

My husband & I went on a trip to Canada recently and let me tell you, the travel to and from was harsh! Sitting in airports (well I tried not to sit around there as I could walk around), airplanes, on ferries then in the car was just about the death of me. I even had to take a few Vicodin as the pain was so intense. I even had my cushion to sit on but it just didn't seem to make much difference.

I find on long car rides (like the regular 3 hr drive we talk bi-monthly to visit our family in Fresno) really takes its toll on me and I have to basically lay down the whole ride just to get through it.

I'm not sure what I can do at this point --- shouldn't it be better by now? Or am I one of those unlucky people who is going to have lingering pain and issues with this for some time to come.

Anyways, just thought I'd give you an update.


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