Second surgery an option?

Natalie -

Posted 2006-10-29

4 years ago (2002) I had an L5/S1 spinal fusion. I healed from that without problem. In October 2004 I went back to my consultant and told him I was having horrific pain when I sit down - what I now know to be my coccyx. He suggested manipulation and injection under anaesthetic which I duly did. It made no difference - in fact it made it worse slightly. In December 2004 I went back for another injection which again made no difference.

In January 2005 I had my coccyx removed. I recovered well - no infections and found after a few months and with a special chair I could work full time again. However I was still upset at the fact that my pain was there at all. I didn't feel my consultant was doing enough for me. I asked him to look into neuro stimulators etc and was met with a blank wall. I saw another consultant who said that it should settle down.

I had resigned myself to just living with it...until about a month ago when my pain on sitting / standing from sitting etc has got to excruciating levels again. After 20 minutes of sitting on even a semi soft chair the pain is unbearable that it's all I can focus on.

After my coccyx was removed and I still had pain, my consultant did say he'd since spoken to another consultant who tends to take more bone away than he did in operations (thanks for finding that out before operating on me!).

Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do now? I have an appointment with the second opinion consultant I saw in two weeks. Is it heard of for further surgery to take place to remove even more of the coccyx/sacrum whatever bone is left after an initial surgery?

Should I push the neuro transmitter idea bearing in mind the consultant I am now seeing is a neuologist as opposed to an orthopaedic surgeon? Are there injections that can be done if so, to what bone is it done to?

Any thoughts will be really gratefully received.

Thank you


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