Quick recovery from surgery

Alan - alans@americanagencymn.com

Posted 2006-11-19

I was reading this site the day before my surgery and almost canceled due to the stories of people who had posted. My doctor reassured me that I would be up and around within a day or so, so I decided to proceed.

I am a healthy, fit, 28 year old male who broke my coccyx 2 years ago when I was hit by a car. After two years it still bothered me to sit for long periods of time so my doctor (Dr. Simonet, MN) recommended removing my coccyx. After thinking about it for a few months I decided to have the surgery.

I had my surgery last Thursday, November 09 2006. I went in at 7:30 and was told that the procedure was complete within a half hour or so. I was awake and alert by 11:00, and out of the hospital by 11:30. I was able to ride home in the passenger seat of my Mom's car with no major discomfort. After taking a nap I was up and moving around most of the afternoon with no major pain. I sat on the couch to eat dinner that night. I didn't (and still have not) taken any pain medication since leaving the hospital. I was able to leave the house on Friday afternoon, and was out and about all day on Saturday.

Monday, four days after surgery, I was able to drive the short drive to work and worked about 5 hours, I did the same today.

I know that everyone is different, but I will not be out for the 2 months many on this site are. And have had very little pain from the procedure. I plan on being at work full time next week.

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