My pain is getting worse the older I get

Jen -

Posted 2006-08-13

Thanks Josh.... I read your message on and I was so happy to see that someone besides myself lives in Oregon and has seen a doctor here. I live in SE Portland and work in NW. Born and raised here and also feel very fortunate for that.

I noticed when I was about 19, now 30, that my tailbone was bothering me because I would go tanning and while laying on that hard plastic surface my tail bone would throb and go numb at the same time. Then riding my bike was almost impossible.

I am some what thin about 5 feet 6 inches, 125 pounds, but I guess don't have enough cushion to hide my protruding tail bone. I had an x-ray for the first time ever about a month ago finding out that the sacral bone protrudes at a 45 degree angle and my Coccyx bone points inwards (very strange). I also guess the older I get the more saggy my bottom will get :( unless I hit the gym-no time for that, and the thinner my tissue will get. So I will always feel that bone more and more every year.

The doctor I saw told me that he wouldn't recommended the surgery because of the nerves in that bone? And that I should just get and insert of scalene implant over the bone "OR" gain weight "OR" just live with it. Well that wasn't good enough for me. I have now made an appointment with a surgeon Dr. Mark Metzger at Portland Adventist Medical Center. I am praying that his opinion will be what I am looking for however I have no idea what I want him to say.

My pain is getting worse the older I get. I have two children and maybe that had made it worse. I can't sit for more then a hour, the bone wears on my skin so much that I often have an open wound. I will go through surgery if that's what's recommended just so I don't have to live with this the rest of my life. I sit behind a desk all day therefore I can't have a protruding tail bone. I feel if I address this now and take the actions that are needed I can enjoy and stay active the older I get. I will not live on pain meds and let my body ache everyday like it has been I won't accept that.

Wish me luck!! If anyone has had a similar situation please write in as I would love to hear your input.

Thanks, Jen

Update, 2006-08-20

I got a second opinion and I feel very satisfied. Dr. Metzger near Adventist Hospital was very helpful. I know what my options are now, he took more X-rays and agreed with the first doctor that my tail bone is very strange, he said it is out at a 90 degree angle and for the first time ever I noticed it is now more noticeable through the skin.

I received the cortisone shot and it hurt, and for some reason it still hurts. I haven't called my doctor back yet to ask why possibly because my tail bone hurts everyday and now there was a needle shoved near it?

I think he was actually amazed on how different it was. He was very kind and patient with all my questions. I would like to way this shot out a little while, as he said like others it can take about six week for the shots full affect. Right now, I am in more pain then I have ever been I never take pain meds (now I am). I hate sleeping and sitting however that's the majority of my day.

I would say depending on the relief I get from the shot I can see myself having my tailbone removed this fall.........I want to feel normal and be able to sit on the floor flat and play with my children. Sitting on a hard surface......What's that?

Right now for comfort when I sleep I put a small couch size pillow under one hip so my tail bone is lifted. I sleep on my hips allot also but it hurts after a long period of time.

Anyhow, I will keep you posted on my progress.

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